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Blackburn Hamlet Preschool is an independent, not-for-profit co-operative organization. Membership in the co-operative gives you a say in the direction and operation of the Preschool. Each member has the right to vote in the annual election of the Board of Directors and on any motions or special resolutions presented to the membership at meetings of the members. Only current members in good standing may serve on the Board of Directors.

There are two ways to become a member:

1. By registering you child in a program at the preschool; or

2. By purchasing a community membership.

Members with a Child Enrolled in a Program

Parents/guardians of children enrolled in a program at the preschool automatically become members at the time of registration. The membership fee is included in the registration fee.

Community Membership

Any individual who wishes to support the vision and goals of the BHPS may become a member of the organization by purchasing an annual membership. Members from the community include parents of children who attended the preschool in the past, parents wishing to enrol their children in the preschool in the future, alumni of the preschool, past teachers, educators, and other individuals who wish to support quality, local, and family-oriented early-learning programs in the community.

The quickest way to purchase an annual membership is to complete the online membership form on our website and submit your fee payment online. Electronic payments are securely processed via Paypal.

Click here to purchase an annual membership online.

Alternatively, you can download and print the membership form and submit the completed form, along with payment by cheque, to the Preschool by drop-off or mail.

Click here to download a printable version of the membership form.

Fee for Membership

The annual membership fee is based on a sliding scale (pay-what-you-can) from $1 to $25. Your membership fee provides much appreciated revenue to the Preschool, but we strongly believe that the fee should not be an impediment or cause financial hardship for any individual wishing to become a member. 

Term of Membership

Annual membership is valid from the time of payment until July 31st of the current academic year. For parents/guardians of children enrolled in programs at the preschool, membership is valid from registration until July 31st of the academic year for which the child is registered, or until the child is withdrawn from the program, whichever comes first.

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