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As announced on September 22nd, BHPS has launched a capital campaign to support our move to a new facility. This page will be the hub for information on the campaign, where we’ll provide answers to frequently asked questions, details on how you can donate, and updates on our current fundraising progress. If you have any questions or feedback about this project, you can contact us at

How to donate


With the assistance of the Community Foundation of Ottawa (CFO), we’ve created the Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund, which allows us to provide charitable receipts on all donations made. Donations can be made through the CFO’s donation portal, by mail, or through your United Way Workplace Campaign. Further details are below:

Community Foundation of Ottawa Donation Portal

To use the donation portal, visit  Search for “Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund.” On the screen that follows you can enter the details of your donation and choose between a one-time or monthly gift. Next, you’ll have the option to make this donation on someone’s behalf (click Skip e-card to bypass this option). Lastly, you’ll be asked to provide your payment information.

Giving by Cheque(s)

If you prefer not to make the donation online via credit card, you may also elect to donate to the Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund by a single cheque or a series of postdated cheques. If you wish to receive a same-year tax receipt, please ensure that your cheque is mailed (and postmarked) no later than December 31. Please make cheques payable to the Community Foundation of Ottawa, specifying the name of the fund, "Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund," in the memo field. Mail your gift to: The Community Foundation of Ottawa, 301-75 Albert St., Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7.

United Way Workplace Campaign

The United Way pledge form allows you to direct funds to the charitable organization of your choosing. To do so, you need to provide the Registered Charity Name and the Charitable Registration Number of the organization you’d like to support. To direct your pledge to BHPS, enter Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund under Charity Name, and 119227981RR0001 for the Charitable Registration Number. If paying by cheque, cheques should be made payable to Ottawa Community Foundation, with Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund indicated in the memo line.  With the high volume of information that the United Way is processing at this time, the Community Foundation of Ottawa strongly advises that you fax them a copy of your pledge form so that they are able to follow up in case of any confusion. Standard United Way administration fees will be deducted from the gift before it is transferred to the Community Foundation of Ottawa. The CFO fax number is 613-236-1621.

E-pledge for the United Way Workplace Campaign

If your workplace uses the E-pledge form for the United Way Workplace Charitable Campaign, you may be unable to to find Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund when searching for Charity Name. Instead, the Charitable Registration Number 119227981RR0001 may show up simply as Community Foundation of Ottawa.  If this is the case, we encourage you to make your donation with the traditional paper donation form. On the paper form clearly specify that you wish your donation to be directed to the Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund.  As mentioned above, it is strongly recommended that you fax a copy of your pledge form to the Community Foundation of Ottawa to ensure they have a record of the designated fund to which you wish to donate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fundraising goal?

The immediate goal of the campaign is to raise $75,000.

How will my donation be used?

The funds will be used to make a down payment on the new structure, which we require in order to secure financing for the full value of the facility. Donated funds will also be used to pay for various professional services related to the move and to the retrofit of the facility, including architectural, engineering, and legal fees.

Can I make a donation directly to the preschool?

Donations can be made directly to the preschool. However, as we are currently still in the process of converting to a registered charity, we cannot provide charitable receipts on any donations made directly to BHPS. Donors looking to receive a receipt are advised to give through the CFO website, or through their United Way workplace campaign.

I'm trying to donate online through my work. Why can't I find Blackburn Hamlet Preschool when I search under Charity Name?

On some online pledge systems, you will only be able to find the Community Foundation of Ottawa listed with the Charitable Registration Number 119227981RR0001.  This is because the Community Foundation of Ottawa is an umbrella for multiple community funds, all under the same charitable registration number, and the directory does not list the funds individually. The Community Foundation of Ottawa needs to know to which fund you wish to direct your donation.  If the online donation system provides a space for notes or special instructions, indicate Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund in that field. Otherwise, we recommend that you use a paper donation form and clearly indicate Blackburn Hamlet Preschool fund as the Charity Name with the Charitable Registration Number 119227981RR0001. You can also call the Community Foundation of Ottawa at 613-236-1616 for further assistance in making your donation.

Other Questions?

More information on ways to give can be found on the Community Foundation of Ottawa's website: The CFO's friendly staff are also available to answer questions by phone:  613-236-1616.


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