Capital Campaign to Support Relocation Launched

Earlier this week, we sent out a communication to update friends and supporters about the future plans for Blackburn Hamlet Preschool. As discussed, BHPS has partnered with Just Food to create an environmentally conscious shared-use facility which will provide a home for the preschool, space for Just Food, and space for future community collaborators. Once completed, this project will ensure a very strong future for BHPS.

We would never have come this far without the tremendous support we’ve received from this community. Just a year ago when it seemed like BHPS might close for good, there was a groundswell of support from alumni families and the community at large. We would especially like to single out and thank the Blackburn Hamlet Community Association for providing invaluable guidance and help. The BCA has been a strong supporter and promoter of our school – especially during this past challenging year. We are indebted and incredibly grateful.

To every single person who has stood behind the school: thank you. And now, we’re asking you to channel that strong support into fundraising. The portable facility we’ve identify is in excellent condition, and it’s extremely well suited to our purposes. To move this project forward, we’re pursuing financing through the Community Forward Fund, which will allow us to purchase and transport the facility to the new site. But financing can’t pay for the project in its entirety. To get this project underway we’ll need to raise enough money for a down payment, and we’ll need additional funds for expenses related to the move and redesign of the facility. The immediate goal of our campaign is to raise $75,000. Between the surplus funds available from school operations and money donated personally by members of the board, we’ve already raised $12,500 prior to the official campaign launch – but we need your help to go further.

In order to encourage donations and promptly recognize your generosity, we’ve established the Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund, a flow-through fund within the Community Foundation of Ottawa. The purpose is to collect and incubate donations made to the school, and it allows us to receipt any donations made while BHPS converts to a charitable organization over the coming months. To donate, visit the fundraising portal at the Community Foundation of Ottawa’s website. Search for “Blackburn Hamlet Preschool Fund.” From there, you’ll find easy to follow instructions on how to donate. Alternately, if your workplace has a United Way campaign, you can direct donations to the preschool that way. For further information on donating through either of these venues, please visit the fundraising section of our website.

Early in October, we’ll be holding a meeting at the community hall to provide further detail on the project, our other fundraising efforts, and the future of the school. We will confirm and announce the date soon. If you have any questions or feedback about this project in the meantime, please contact us at

Thank you,

The BHPS Board

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