Can You Cut Our Grass this Weekend?


We are so excited that the major repairs to the Preschool have been completed by the contractor and we are in the final stretch to reopening in September.

In order to have the school up and running next month, there are a number of small repairs, maintenance and cleaning work that must be done within the next two weeks. This includes yard work, painting walls and furnishings, cleaning and unpacking. We have an urgent need for volunteers in order to complete all of these task in the time available.

A full list of all of the volunteer jobs -- with details, dates and time slots -- has been posted in theĀ Calendar. If you are able to donate a few hours of our time during the last two weeks of August, please view the events listed and sign-up using the online form.

This weekend we are looking for two to three volunteers to mow the grass, trim the hedge and weed the yard. Bring a friend or two and make it a party! If you can help us this weekend, please sign up here:

Volunteer for Yard Work

We also need two strong individuals to assist with removing a landscaping tie from the playground. If you want to help, sign up here:

Volunteer for Landscaping

If you have children, you are welcome to bring them along and let them play in the yard while you work. Although the Preschool staff will not be available to provide additional supervision, we could make some outdoor toys available. What kid wouldn't enjoy having a private play in the preschool yard?

Thank you for your support!

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